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Warranty Service

Reecom Electronics Inc. warrants the Radios to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a consumer, and for a subsequent period of one(1) year. 
All issues in relation to the products must be written in email within the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service in Amazon email system, we will respond shortly. Verbal or voice message on the phone is not acceptable.
All Reecom products are directly sold; no authorized dealers / sellers / agents. The one (1) year warranty only covers to the Radios purchased directly from Reecom Electronics Inc. No warranty to those radios purchased from other sellers / agents in the market place.
The one (1) year warranty does not cover those being purchased in USED conditions.
The one (1) year warranty does not cover the AC-DC Adapter, Telescopic Antenna  and the broken / damaged jacks and sockets such as DC Jack, External Antenna Jack, Alarm Out Socket and Audio Out Socket, No Exceptions.
Warranty does not cover items such as External Antenna (RA-1601) and Strobe flashing light (RA-1603).
Before return the Radio for warranty service, it is required to:
1. have a RMA (Return Merchandised Authorization) No. on the outside of the returned package. The RMA No. can be requested by email through your buyer account in Amazon email system. 
2. enclose the return package with a $9.50 cheque / money order for return shipping/handling (this supersedes the $12.50 quoted in owner's manual). 
Any returned package without RMA No. and / or without $9.50 pre-payment for return shipping/handling will be rejected and returned to sender, Reecom will not be responsible for any lost shipment or other liabilities.
To return the defective Radio that falls under warranty, follow the procedures below:
1. Pack the Radio and AC adapter in a suitable shipping carton.
2. Enclose the followings to the package :
A). A photocopy of the receipt showing the date of purchase, or other proof of purchase from
Reecom  Electronics Inc.
B).  Detailed description of any problems.
C).  Your printed name, address and phone number that you can be contacted. 
D). A cheque / money order for $9.50. 
  Note: The money amount supersedes the $12.50 quoted in owner's manual.
3. Ship the package prepaid (non-refund) to the address below. 
Address: Reecom Electronics Inc.
12195 Hwy 92
Suite 114 405
Woodstock, GA 30188
Returned item must be received within 14 days after issuing RMA. 

All returns are subject to inspection and testing. 

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the Radio to be serviced. 
If the defective Radio is replaced, the defective Radio will not be returned.