Multiple Channel Watch / Detection

The conventional SAME alert radio is a single channel watch receiver in that the NOAA channel is either preset to one of seven NOAA channels or auto search the strongest one to monitor alerts. For home use alert radios, it is better to preset the radio to receive your local channel per NOAA assignment (refer to the web site: ). For travel use or outdoor activities, auto search channel mode can be a good alternative to monitor the nearby transmitter. However, the searched strongest channel may not be the correct channel to service your immediate area for alerts and therefore, not always reliable. The solution to this problem is either using couple radios each monitoring one channel constantly or having one radio being able to simultaneously monitor all NOAA channels such that SAME alert signals in the field can be detected.

In addition to single channel watch, the Reecom R-200 and R-500 radio offer selections to monitor dual, triple, quad and up to 7-channel as desired. With this unique feature, the radio, in standby mode, can simultaneously monitor all receivable channels for alerts (whether the channel is the strongest or not, as long as the reception is clear). With this advantage, it makes the radio good for traveling, mobile home use, camping, hiking or other outdoor activities by setting the radio to 7-Channel watch and All County option, working as travel mode. Besides that, it is also useful for residential or business users in the border between two NOAA transmitters or in fringe area covered by a few transmitters. Upon receipt of alert, the radio will display the alert message along with the effective time and receiving channel alternatively. In the mean time, the alert message and receiving channel tagged with Date/Time will be registered in the event memory historically.












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