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Model: R-200

Multi-Channel Watch NOAA All Hazards / Weather Alert Radio


Public Alert Certified                                  

Features / Specifications


                 Actual Size: 135mm X 60mm X 63mm (5.32" X 2.36" X 2.48")

S.A.M.E. Features:

  • Not only monitor Home channel alerts (single watch), but also Multiple Watch  other receivable channels in standby mode
  • Monitor alerts for single county, multiple counties, up to 26 specific counties or ALL Areas
  • Respond to Amber Alert, All Hazards Alert and E.A.S Alert
  • Voice Alert with EOM (End Of Message) Detection
  • Voice Alert with Timer (up to 60 minutes)
  • Siren Alert with Timer (up to 60 minutes)
  • Defeat Siren / Event Blocking - Able to defeat siren for some events  not of your interest
  • 51 Event Memories with date / time stamp

Alert Message Display / Indicators:

  • Display Event Message and Effective Time on the LCD at a Glance
  • LED flashing light for Warning, Watch or Advisory / Statement
  • Displays Effective Time - Auto Count Down for up to 51 active events concurrently
  • Display Number of Active Events 
  • Display Alert Receiving Channel
  • Continuous LCD Backlight ON / OFF Setting
  • 4 Levels Back Light Brightness Control
Responding Events: 
 - Child Abduction Emergency (Amber Alert)
 - Tornado / Hurricane / Severe Thunder Storm
 - Flash Flood / Flood / Special Marine / Blizzard / Winter Storm
 - High Wind / Tsunami / Avalanche
 - Fire / Wild Fire / Volcano 
 - Chemical Spill / Radiological Hazard / Hazardous Materials
 - Emergency Action Notification / Civil Danger / Shelter In Place
 - Nuclear Power Plant Warning / Immediate Evacuation
 - Civil Emergency Message / Local Area Emergency 
 - Earthquake / Land Slide 
 - 911 Telephone Outage / Power Outage
 - Dust Storm / Tropical Storm / Dam Break / Food Contamination
 - And More...
Indispensable in school, childcare centers, health care facilities, business and homes

General Features:

  • Digital PLL tuning for all seven (7) NOAA channels from 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz
  • 50 miles reception range
  • Max. 90dB Siren
  • 40 Siren Volume level controls
  • 40 Voice Volume level controls
  • Key Lock Function
  • Key Tone On / Off Setting
  • Back up Battery: Four (4) AA Alkaline Batteries (Batteries Not Included)
  • Low battery detection and indication

Time Functions:

  • Digital Real Time Clock: 12-hour format
  • Digital Calendar displaying Time / Date / Weekday 
  • Nap Timer - 1 to 120 minutes continuous setting and real time count down display
  • Dual Alarm Clocks with Snooze - gradual wake alarm for individual days of the week, Snooze Timer with 1 to 20 minutes continuous setting and real time count down display

External Jacks:

  • External antenna jack for connecting External Antenna (e.g. Reecom RA-1601) use in remote areas
  • External alarm out socket for other external devices (e.g. Reecom RA-1603 Strobe/Flash Light or in/outdoor siren / alarm)
  • External audio output socket for NOAA live broadcast, streaming audio to other media

One Year Limited Warranty



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